Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cigarettes and Bullets

You take our men and leave us with
cut sweet blooms and blossoms
they are fragrant and gentle on the eyes
delicate yellows, pure whites and hues of red,
but they cannot replace our dead
These flowers are useless. They don't last long enough.
They don't laugh or hug.
They don't smile for pictures and don't make good company at dinner.

Our men know what to do with flowers.
Just the right one on the blazer lapel... Hmmm, well.
A picked flower in a boy's hand for his mama,
that will do the trick every time.
An "I apologize" bouquet,
These are appropriate uses for a flower.

Flowers can't hold babies or carry groceries.
Flowers don't dream.
Flowers don't love anybody. Flowers don't have any feelings at all.
Not a single flower ever raised a family.

Who are you to take God's gift away?
It is not OKAY to replace a father, a nephew, a brother, an uncle, a
grandfather, a cousin, a friend with a seedless bloom.
Its not.

So now, we have our memories,
these funeral programs
and a whole room full of flowers.

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