Thursday, May 7, 2015


Pushin'            ‘

Keep on pushin’                                                                    Keep on pushin

This ain’t no sometime struggle
This is a tone up,
stack up situation

This is about saving a nation
of Black boys
and girls
women and males
from the hell on the streets

                                                                                           Get the hell off the streets!

And keep on pushin’                                                            And keep on pushin’

Toward the goal our ancestors,

bought and sold,                                                                 bought and sold,

                                                                                           dreamed of, prayed for, and died for

thousands of times over                                                      thousands of times over

for us to stand tall with dignity
and grace
saturating our mortal Souls
and even though we still
the salt that flavors our tears
is still good for something
larger than our own lifetimes,
And so we

Keep on pushin'                                                                     Keep on pushin'

                                                                                             in remembrance of our brothers and sisters
                                                                                             who are in bonds
                                                                                             as if we are bound with them;
                                                                                             who suffer the same adversities that we do,
                                                                                             that our grandfathers did,
                                                                                             that our grandchildren won’t
                                                                                             because we

keep on pushin'                                                                     keep on pushin'

our bodies are still able,
in our  minds there’s still
a seed germinating
planted long ago for freedom

Keep on pushin'                                                                     Keep on pushin'

And to you my brother,

And to you my brother,                                                            And to you my brother,

For being the river -
the strong positive force
uniting our community,
inspiring our seeds to grow
                                                                                                for being the tangled up roots
                                                                                                beneath the sod for the Street Keepers
                                                                                                to stand on
                                                                                                and for standing, and for pushing

Keep on pushin'                                                                     Keep on pushin'

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