Thursday, May 7, 2015

Something Fun

Wanna dance
Dance wild wild wild!
Spinning turning jumping dancing
Crazy and wild
Dance alone
Dance with somebody
Wanna dance
Boodie shaking all over the street
Toe tapping, 
neck swaying,
head bopping
Dance a fiesty dance
Dance a wet dance
A simple dance
A meaningful dance
A silly silly dance
Dance of emotion,
Dance of trust
Terrific tango tango
Sensational salsa… salsa
Yeah, wanna dance
Bity bity belly dance
Dance the hopscotch,
dance the ro-bot.
Dance with baby John John, smile all over his face
Dance with a crowd
Dance in my, SHHH, secret place
Wanna whew!, oh Man! Dance!
Flaming, Tap tap ta-tap tap, Tap. Tap!
Meringe,Foxtrot, Swing!
Praise dance. Dance for the Lord. Dance barefoot, reach up from earth and down from heaven to the beat of my native drum
Dance in a circle, make it rain
Dance dance dance
Dance those cats spinning on their heads
Dance reggae, clouds halo the dreads
Owit owit, dance disco
Waltz, dosey doe Dance
Dance, NO CLOGS!
Dance the Monkey Dawg. What y’all know about that? Ha!
Dance Hula hula
Dance like that famous Jackson
Dance cause we sad
Dance cause we flipping mad
Dance to make you happy
Dance Capoeira, feel it in your heart
Balance ballet, Balance ballet

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