Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heaven (Poems for a Street Corner)

If all of heaven
was removed
from the bosom,
laid out flat, and
stretched upon
a city grid
the whole place
would be this
the corner of Yesler
and Third Ave---the
of the Emerald City
which was once
by the bare foot steps
of sacred Native people
who knew every hillside,
 every valley, every plain,
 every rock and every grove
whose ancestors’ songs still
whisper and whistle in the winds
 in and around the
 Fyre Hotel, Smith Tower,
City Hall and the corner sign post
that points to it at all.

Look at the birds in the sky,
the sparrow, the eagle,
the house finch, the chickadee,
they are well feed
so too are the put out, the homeless
and the hopeful
by an army of volunteers
who will surely be rewarded with what no eye
has seen, what no ear has heard and with what no
human mind has ever conceived.
concrete, asphalt heaven,
even if Mother Earth has molded it
with her own
loving hands,
could hold no more splendor.

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