Thursday, September 10, 2015

For Those Who Leave Too Soon

you won’t rise on the third day
rest in power,
in peace,  
in love,
in grace,

though we won’t see your face – in its flesh again,
we will see you in our dreams,
in our memories
in our laughter and in our tears.

the years you’ve lived are young -- short the sum.
for us,
you left too soon, too suddenly, too violently
we weren’t ready for that—could not have been ready for that,
don’t want to get used to that.

is treachery, is sickening, is foul
for the spirit.

if we could, we would stop it—the dying and the crying
and the remembering again and again and again
of how we hate mourning even more than we hate bullets in the night,
memorial candles in the day—all of it.

we want you here with us,
loving us and us loving you
because we don’t want to learn how to live without you.

you won’t rise, but
we won’t forget.
rest in power,
in peace,
in love,
in grace.