Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fearless Black Men

I’m gonna need 10,000 Fearless Black men because
the space between my
Black son’s life and the life of his white friend
is too big

standing in the gap between my people and choke hold justice,
between bullet lynchings, and lessons on how to self-loathe instead of how to self-love
in this stolen place where churches burn down and crosses flare up on the front lawn
where safety is an illusion if you have one drop of Sweet African blood coursing through your veins
where you have to die a little just to keep sane

Where schools are a place to practice domestic terrorism and little Black girls get
slammed to the floor from their desks or to the ground in their swimsuits
or raped at gun point by the boys in blue who are the boys in white sheets too
they’re the same as their plantation owning fathers
taking and raping and then selling us milk and seed and making sure that we can’t read
the signs that tells us that this land is not for you and me

and every time we venture on that ribbon of highway there’s a chance
that we’ll commit suicide in police custody; leaving our Black family
to pretend that we are not hurting when we go out into the world
We arrive at school, study, do our homework
we report to our jobs and work
we get into the gym and work out
as if we are not in the midst of a Civil War

It is almost like if we do a good job,
finish our homework, get in a few more reps or steps or whatever
that, maybe, something marvelous, magnificent, miraculous, magical will happen
and cops will stop killing our babies and our sisters and our brothers
and we’ll stop killing each other
while emulating our oppressor causing us to fight a war on two fronts
one with our own people and another with the systemic racism
I’m gonna need 10,000 Fearless Black Men

I’m gonna need 10,000 Fearless Black Men because I’m tired of hashtags
Hashtag his name
hashtag justice
hashtag same old shit
hashtag administrative leave
hashtag damn not again
hashtag next week his friend
hashtag how long will it me before hashtag me
hashtag its just math now

hashtag change now
hashtag i cry in blood now
hashtag the river is full yall
hashtag God why do they hate us so
hashtag peace
hashtag bare arms
hashtag give me free
Hashtag black is beautiful
hashtag beware of the enemy
hashtag look out for the frienemy

hashtag acquitted
hashtag the thug story is a lie
hashtag every 28 hours
hashtag bullets are tree limbs
hashtag shot in the back
hashtag choked to death
hashtag shot
hashtag reckless driving
hashtag hammer fist to the face
hashtag he was in a wheelchair
hashtag what does his criminal history have to do with it

hashtag elder killed at home
hashtag stairway
hashtag millions of taxpayer dollars
hashtag turned backs to mayor
hashtag civil war
hashtag widows
hashtag hoodie
hashtag headlines
hashtag grand jury
hashtag no reason to indict
hashtag no wrong doing
hashtag under investigation

hashtag outrage
hashtag peaceful protests
hashtag riots
hashtags mothers
hashtag memorial service
hashtag damn
hashtag what the what
hashtag Black lives matter
hashtag don’t ruin the hashtag
hashtag life insurance
hashtag  organ trafficking

hashtag, hashtag, hashtag
hashtag justice for his name
hashtag  justice for her name
hashtag gender is irrelevant
hashtag being black on college campuses
hashtag can’t be black while walking
hashtag Arizona ice tea and skittles
hashtag air Jordons
hashtag close the opportunity gap
hashtag y’all wasn’t ready for that
I’m gonna need 10,000 Fearless Black men
because the space between my
Black son’s life and the life of his white friend
is too damn big

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Black Out

The very least that we can do is stay home on Black Friday. We can choose not to shop online or at all. We could redirect our funds to Black businesses. We could save our money. We have choices. Most importantly, we must make an impact large enough to bring attention to the injustices that we have experienced in 2015; to the justice that we want and to the equality that we deserve. Here is a concrete poem that I hope serves as a reminder.