Friday, November 4, 2016

Lost Socks

Jacob Lawrence: Great Migration Series

when your relative is high
and asks an officer for help
-- a Black man has to be high to do that,
these days
and then the officers shoots your relative:
center mass,
you still have to do
the laundry

the white clothes have to be segregated
from  the colored clothes
and the sheets, are best washed separately--
everybody knows that

socks will get lost, but socks are
not really clothes, so socks
don’t really matter

when you fold the clothes,
you’ll compartmentalized them the
way you usually do, the way
mama did and how her mama had done

you’ll put all of the clothes where they belong:
drawed things in the drawers, hung things on the hangers
and then you’ll notice
that some socks are lonely
and cry
like i did
for the lost socks

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