Saturday, April 25, 2020

You Make Me Feel Like Poetry

Ooh baby,
You make me feel like -- poetry

You got me wanting to do things with my lips and my tongue
You got me alliterating and stuttering s sounds just for fun
You got me wanting to keep more than my mind open
You make me the moon with a touch of sun

Ooh baby,
You make me feel like --poetry

Tonight let’s pretend that I’m the crescent And you the creator 
giving me one hundred twenty lessons, nothing less nothing greater
Mmm, let’s make stars with stars upon thars
Let’s write  the lines between lines
I’ll find your lines and show you where to find mine

Ooh baby
You make me feel like -poetry

I don’t want to be next to you
I want to connect with you
I want to wiggle, rhyme and wrestle with you
I want to be as essential as water to you
I want to make vowel sounds confused for music with you
Iiigh, Iiigh. La la la la la, laaaaa, laaa, la la. Oo Oo oou

Ooh baby,
You make me feel like --poetry

Your  poem is my heart beat
Your voice is the rhythm of my feet; when you speak I breathe deeper 
Each inhale is  an accelerant for the way my hips sway
Each exhale is well, each exhale is -should I tell?… each exhale is 
A capital letter, proper noun, exclamation mark your name sound
I don’t even remember who I was before I found your name on my tongue
Slipping out between my teeth and tingling on my lips

Ooh baby,
You make me feel like--poetry 

You got me comparing all the stars to all the grains of sand
And still feeling like I matter more than that smiling girl in the portrait
That I am worth more than the Pharaoh's fortune,
Like my smile has more might than Alexander’s army
Like my body was formed from clay and your breath brought me to life
Like I am the reason that Shaka the Zulu shortened the rod on his spear
Like I’m the pattern of the cheetah’s print: black, brown, and beautiful
Like I am supposed to be here, but I would die for the chance to live with you

Oh baby,
You make feel like-- poetry

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