Sunday, August 9, 2020


 I love ink pens

I carry one with me

everywhere I go

As a writer, 

I am expected to have 

a pen

even when I am off duty,

you know, 

like when I'm 

at the grocery store

I'm not a writer then

I'm a mom and

I'm a chef,

but I have my pen

when I'm at a dance hall, 

or a museum

I'm not a writer then 

but I have my pen

I've seen all sorts of pens,

all kinds of colors and sizes,

some that are disposable

and some that are treasured

I have never

mistaken a pen for a gun

I'm trying to figure out 

how young black boys

are shot, accidentally, by

officers who know as much about

guns as I know about pens

A cell phone is not a pen or gun

but a professional gun holder

mistook a cell phone for one-- a gun.

The jury, 

the jury,

the jury

believed him.

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