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Talena Lachelle Queen in addition to being Poet Laureate of Paterson, New Jersey, since 2018, is founder and Executive Director of the Paterson Poetry Festival now in its fifth year. She is also founder and president of Word Seed, Inc. a team of literary artists who organize community outreach programs. Her publications include  a forthcoming poetry collection How Do I Tell Them (Poets Wear Prada), Soup Can Magazine, the LitFuse Anthology, and When Women Speak (Edt. Ameerah Shabazz-Bilal). A sought after artist, Queen has performed at many places including the NJ Governor’s Mansion, Hoboken Historical Museum and NYCMT presents Hip Hop Cypher.

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Talena Lachelle Queen, a writer with Purpose!

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There are few things that I love more than words. I've made words my business. Through expressing, teaching and celebrating the word, I have been able to bring about insurmountable joy for myself and those that I have had the pleasure to work with. Since you are here at my internet home, I invite you to read more about my literary art, community programs and speaking engagements. When you see something that you might want to be a part of, contact me.

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Talena Lachelle Queen

Poet Laureate | Paterson, NJ

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Poetry Sometimes you might want to read some poetry, simply. Other times, there may be a special occasion and you need a poet to capture the essence of your event with a commissioned poem- just for you. Contact me for the words to support your special moment.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Are you a writer too? Do you want to workshop together? Maybe there's an occasion coming and a writer is just what's needed? Are there some emerging writers who would like to know what it is like to work, play and live as a writer? Let me assist. Head on over to the Contact page.

Spell Checking

Spell Checking Don't print that restaurant menu, promotional material, or class project with support from a professional writer. Don't wait until you've printed hundreds or thousands of copies. Contact me for HELP!

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Yes! I'd be honored to speak to your class/ women's group/church group/ convention/ poetry event/party/life moment or whatever else you are having. Join other satisfied event planners who booked Talena Lachelle Queen. Contact me today. I'm looking forward to you.


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