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No Time For Love Poems

Talena Queen headshot
Talena L. Queen
Image credit Fred A. Levine, Esq.
No Time For Love Poems

Ain't nobody thinking about no love poem

don’t nobody care about no love

when we got the blues and we got bills

and we got the blues songs about the bills.

Don’t nobody care about about your doggone lips

and how them damn lips be coated in amnesia 

or how when they touch me anywhere uh

like I said, ain't nobody thinking about no love poem

and if did have time for love poem,

ain't we heard everything there’s to hear ‘bout it? 

Love and lust and what love and lust wants us to do?

Uh, ain't no nobody got no time for no love poems

We gotta get ready for war with these damn poems,

arm our children with these poems,

record our history with these poems.

These poems were intended to apprehend:

You know, the ones who wasn't running away– got taken away, 

are still away, and can’t find their way back home–

even with the right to abode.

These poems praise Ghana, 

praise Marcus Garvey,

praise Gullah Island 

praise the souls forgotten in the Middle Passage, 

praise those fighting the thieves who stole,

admonish the ones who sold us, 

the ones that bought who was being sold 

and the ones who sold our souls and buried us 

beneath piles of legislation and water! 

So much water


Aint nobody got no time, no time for no damn love poems

We gotta make these words ammunition,

These poems have jobs.

Real serious issues must be tackled with these poems.

Can't nobody be wrestling with thoughts of increased heart beats,

Panting panting panting panting, uh 

Like I said, ain’t nobody got no time for no love poems

No. Somebody gotta write ‘bout blood and bullets and pain and poverty

Somebody gotta write ‘bout real racism

and all the damn isms and the cousins of the isms

and Karen. Somebody gotta deal with Karen.

ain't nobody in love with none of dat!

No. No time for love poems

and even if we did

have time for damn love poems,

your body, that is my body too, 

and our tied souls which are tired souls and old souls too 

would uh, blend with soul and mind,

we’d make the kind of love,

that be producing love children 

who we be tryna protect,

and teach and write poems to and for and about 

like this one that wasn't tryna be a love poem, but damn– 

Ain't it love that makes us write these damn poems?