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Talena Queen headshot
Talena L. Queen
Photo credit: Talena Lachelle Queen, pictured L-R Talena Lachelle Queen, ToriLive

If there is a chance to enhance

all that we have in our hands

our minds, and our souls, 

at the center

of that improvement;

invention; intention

Is a woman who makes a diff-Her-ence.

Let's consider the facts

with the exception of Adam

every man that has come or will come 

to this earth, including Jesus 

has done so and will continue to do so 

by welcome of a woman who makes a diff-Her-ence.

There is no deed 

that may undo this truth.

All that is man, 

all that has been man, 

all that ever will be man

come by way of a woman, first.

Women make a diff-Her-ence.

Nothing is complete without her touch,

She is the diff-Her-ence

when good is not great and greater is too much

She is both, the sunlight and the rain 

Her wrath, Her power, Her love, Her pain 

To date, has no parallel

The seasons change when she compels 

At night, she is the beacon at sea 

often greater than she, herself, believes

 Women make the diff-Her-ence

There is no sound more

soothing than her voice

There is no equation that

she cannot solve

There is no front line

without her support

There is no election 

her influence

There is no home

without her intent

She is the pew;

She is the pulpit

She is the difference

She is the diff-Her-ence